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Girls Out West Review

Reviewed: 2009-08-28
Quick site rank and complete review of Girls Out West | Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Solomodel

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Our Rating: 89/100

Quality of Content: 25/25

Purchase Value: 18/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For GirlsOutWest

User Rating: 58/100 - based on 232 votes.

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My Opinion About GirlsOutWest

Girls Out West is a site out of Australia, which is a lot farther west than perhaps you might have thought, but what an adventure for those of you into amateur pron. This is a great site and it's none too small either. There are daily updates and the site has been kicking around for a few years, which means the archive is jam-packed.

GirlsOutWest is the personal project of a babe named Annie and her goal is to bring you the most honest porn that she can. In this respect, she does a pretty fine job. There are real life couples making love indoors and outdoors, there are lesbians and there are solo chicks masturbating. There is pretty much a good mix of everything here and each new scene is a new adventure. However, there are by far more solo scenes than anything else here.

While the design of the site is simple and attractive and while everything seems well laid out, I have to admit that I wished the site were a bit better organized. Initially, I thought that all the videos would be located in the menu where it says 'videos' and that the other categories would contain photos only. It turns out the photos and videos are all mixed in together. Also, under the heading of girl/boy, for example, you will find lesbian and solo scenes. I simply felt more care could be taken in putting the content into their appropriate categories. Another thing that sort of bothered me was that some movies were available in full-length, while others were divided into numerous scenes. All the newer films can be downloaded in either MP4 (3300kbps, 1024x576) and MPEG or WMV (2100kbps, 768x432) formats. The further back you go into the archive, the fewer video options you have, but the quality is good across the board. There are around 935 movies and these tend to be around 15 minutes long on average. There are roughly 515 sets of photos. Most films tend to be anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and many photosets offer at least 150 pictures (2000x1333) or more.

There is an amateur approach to the gals and couples that's particularly noticeable in the videos, but the camera work is far from rough. The shots are steady and well-framed and you get a great overall impression of the sex through full-body shots. There is a mix of different angles and fans of photos will particularly love some of the amazing close-ups. While locations are picked and there is a bit of direction, the films do come off as genuine and this is the most important single aspect of the site. Also, there are lengthy profiles of the models and with the couples comes a bit of background of how they met and got together, which goes a long way toward catching raw and real sex on camera. The films are hot, there's no doubt.

While there aren't any bonus sites, Annie doesn't fail to give her members lots of personal extras. She writes her own blog and often includes sets of photos. She's joined in blogging by Wendy, who is another Girls Out West photographer. You'll also find a forum and an exciting aspect of the message board it that many of the models make posts. There are also contents, you can get technical help and you can also get sex and relationship advice through the board. Also, there is a stories section on the site for those who enjoy a bit of reading. Some of these appear to be real life sex tales and others are entirely erotic fiction. It's a fantastic space and extra photos are often included here as well.

Final Verdict

For those into real people being caught in intimate moments on camera, Girls Out West is a great site to check out. There is already plenty of content and while movies tend to be added in parts, at least the parts are added daily until the entire flick is available. There is more solo than lesbian or couples videos, but Girls Out West is a really great, all-natural and all real collection of everyday people like you and me, except in this case, all the horny people are Australian.

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User Comments

Desi sex videos
2018 Sep 24, 07:12, India
hi i visit your site realy great and cool and Your posts are awesome Thank you

2010 Apr 20, 04:57, aus
shadowed said above that there is not a lot of boy/girl content. I joined the site this week and there has been a lot more added since his comments over 2 years ago. also, its not fair to compare it to abbywinters (which i am also a member of) the sites are entirely different, and abbywinters has no boy/girl at all. and all of the abby winters shoots look very similar to me. although i do love alot of the models. girlsoutwest has a nice mix of setings and girls. and real boy/girl hardcore

2007 Dec 13, 02:26, 123
I was actually extremely disappointed by this site...they add a new video or photoshoot almost every day, but they will have several sex shoots going on at the same time. I'm never really one for getting off on that first video, so you sometimes have to wait 3 or 4 weeks to watch a shoot from start to end.

As there's only a handful of boy/girl content anyway (16, the first of which is from April 2004), I'd highly recommend going with something like Abbywinters instead.

2007 Dec 01, 00:55, 123
sex always sex

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